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Family Law

Family law issues arise in many forms, and clients are unique and diverse.  My goal is to listen and learn from you about how I can help. 

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Uncontested Matters: You and your spouse agree that you want a divorce/separation; you agree about how you want your assets/debts divided up and what is best for your children.  You want help reviewing what you have drafted, you want advice about your rights and responsibilities or to ask legal questions, and/or you want assistance with the drafting, filing and completion of the process.

Contested Matters: You and your spouse want a divorce but you do not agree on how to divide your assets and debts or if you need protections such as keeping anyone from canceling insurance, removing funds from accounts, removing property, etc.

Collaborative Divorce/Legal Separation: The decision has been made to engage in the collaborative process for your divorce or legal separation and you need a specially trained attorney to represent you in this journey - you may have received a letter from another attorney inviting you to engage in a collaborative law matter or you may want to learn more about starting a collaborative divorce or legal separation.

Legal Separations vs. Divorces: A Divorce is different from a Legal Separation - contact me to find out which is best for you.

Enforcement of Divorce Orders: You have a Court Order but someone is not following the rules or doing what they were ordered to do.

Unmarried Parents Needing a Parenting Plan

Modifying an Existing Parenting Plan: Circumstances have changed and the current Court Order no longer supports the children's best interest.

Mediation Regarding Parenting Plan Matters

Establishing Child Support

Modifying / Adjusting child support

Child Support Arrears / Requests for Payment of Back Child Support

Post-Secondary Support: You would like to establish money for college, or other training.

Paternity: You are needing to establish paternity, challenge paternity, enter an Order of Child Support, and/or establish a Parenting Plan.

Relocation: A parent is intending on moving.

Civil Domestic Violence: You have either had a Domestic Violence Petition filed against you or you have filed for a Domestic Violence Petition.

Other: You are not a biological parent but want to establish a custody arrangement for a child(ren).