Client Testimonials

From Kyle

"Amber helped me reach the best possible outcome during a child relocation trial. Amber's strengths include careful listening to her clients and excellent preparation. I felt that she cared very much about my situation and would do everything in her power to help. She is timely and accurate with all communication with clients and the court. In my first meeting with Amber I was impressed with her knowledge of family law and how it applied specifically for my case. I had the unfortunate situation of needing to prepare for a trial. Amber's preparation for this event was so professional and thorough that the trial was averted and a settlement reached, saving much time and money. Amber is a great attorney that happens to also be a great person. You will truly be glad to work with her!"

From Carmon

"Amber was everything we could ask for and more in a lawyer! She was professional personable and knowledgeable not to mention honest, and had answers right from the start. I saw three other lawyers prior and none of them made me feel the way Amber did from the minute I walked into her office. Amber never sugar coated anything and always gave me the straight answer whether it was what I wanted to hear or not. As well as keeping me level headed and easing my mind every call or interaction I had with her. Amber's knowledge and commitment was above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I have sent three friends her way and will continue to send more. Amber helped make a very difficult time in my life easier and not to mention fought the best fight and won the case! Amber has changed mine and my son's life and there are really not enough words to show my gratitude and love for this woman!"
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